Terms & Conditions: Understanding Our Commitment to You

Learn about our commitment to you as a customer by reading our terms and conditions, outlining our policies and procedures.

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Urals Moving Company team with white truck moving packages in uniform mobile version



This agreement shall become a contract (The Contract) between Urals Moving Company customers (The Customer) and Urals Moving Company operated by Urals Logistic LTD (The Company) for service at the rates stated and will be represented by the entire agreement of the parties hereto.

The Contract comes in place from the moment the supplies/equipment order or the service reservation and up to the moment when The Company completes any and all the services being provided by The Company for The Customer. This shall apply to all additional services represented by the company for the customer.

Only an officer of The Company to modify the terms and conditions of this contract, and then only in writing.



The reservation is completed after receiving all important information regarding the job and the deposit.

It is The Customer responsibility to disclose all the important information regarding the job. This includes full name, valid contact information, date and time of the job, number of trucks and labours, a full pickup and delivery addresses (unit number, street name, city and postal code), a full and accurate list of items to be moved, accurate information regarding flights of stairs, elevator reservation, parking, access to locations that affect the length of the move and/or The Company staff’s safety.

If there is undisclosed information, The Company reserves the right to send additional truck and/or crew members if needed, or spread the job over several days. There is an additional transportation fee for a truck and a 3-hour minimum charge for each additional staff member.

The Company reserved the right to change the size of the truck according to the inventory list provided by The Customer.


Cancellation Policy

The Company requires a minimum of 30 (thirty) days written cancellation notice. After the 30 days prior to the date of the reservation the deposit is non-refundable.

In the event that the cancellation happens when The Company team has arrived at the job site, The Customer is liable to indemnify The Company the transportation fee and 3-hour labour charge in full.


Reschedule Date Policy

The Company requires a minimum of 14 (fourteen) days written reschedule date notice, The alternate date is subject to availability. If the reservation cannot be rescheduled The Customer loses the deposit. An alternate date must be booked within 5 days after the reschedule date notice.

Any rescheduled jobs will incur a $150 administrative fee.


Terms Of Payment And Charges

Moving charges will be based on actual time/distance and not on the estimated time/distance.

Travel distance and extra travel time fee are counted from The Company yard: 1450 Don Mills Rd., North York, ON, M3B 3R5.

The extra fee for overweight items moving is calculated from the estimated weight of the item (ex. piano, safe, pool table).

The labor time starts when The Company team arrives at the pickup address. The time stops when the team finishes the job at the delivery address (unless stated otherwise).

The Company staff are allowed to take 15 minute breaks every 2 hours. The time spent on these breaks is counted towards the total time of the move and charged to the customer at their hourly rate. If the move exceeds 4 hours the team is allowed to take one 30-minute lunch break. The time spent on lunch break will not be billed to The Customer.

Transportation fee counts per one day, per truck.

Labor rate is the minimum 3 (three) hours on the work order. The Customer will be billed every 30 minutes at the hourly rate after the project minimum of 3 hours.

Storage facility rental cycle counts per 4 (four) weeks (unless stated otherwise). The Customer will be billed 1 cycle payment ahead.

Moving containers rental cycle counts per 1 (one) week. The Customer will be billed 1 cycle payment ahead.

Moving blankets and wardrobe boxes rental cycle counts per 1 (one) week. The Customer will be billed 1 cycle payment ahead.A deposit for moving blankets and wardrobe boxes is required.

Tools and equipment rental cycle counts per 1 (one) day. The Customer will be billed 1 cycle payment ahead. A deposit for tools and equipment is required.

Overnight storage maximum period is 24 hours. After 24 hours of overnight storage rate counts as The Company current storage rate (unless stated otherwise).

The Customer has to sign The Contract and provide credit card information before the job starts. If The Customer refuses to sign The Contract or to provide credit card information, The Company has the right to collect the full payment amount based on the estimate before work starts.

The Company accepts major debit cards and credit cards or cash. Other types of payment are not accepted (ex. personal cheque, PayPal).

The Company will make every reasonable effort to complete delivery. If goods cannot be delivered in an ordinary way by – stairs or elevator – there will be an extra charge for hoisting, lowering, shuffling, or other labour or equipment necessary. The Company will charge the current hourly rate for waiting time caused by lack of sufficient elevator services or other causes beyond The Company control.

If no authorized person is present to accept goods at the agreed time, The Company will deliver the goods to The Company warehouse or a public storage facility at the customer risk and expense, using The Company current hourly and storage rates.

All charges due upon receipt. If for any reason, this matter is referred for collection, a customer is responsible for all costs, including but not limited to agency fees, attorney fees, and court costs.

All rates are subject to HST.


Tools And Equipment

The Company trucks are equipped with standard tools. If the job requires any special tools or equipment, The Customer is liable to give a written notice in advance.

The Customer is liable to give a written notice in advance about any particularly valuable or fragile items which require special packing materials.

The Company trucks are equipped with rubber floor mats. The need to use the floor mats remains at the discretion of The Company staff.

The Company provides moving blankets, dollies and wardrobe boxes for rent with no charge during the move and are collected at the end of the day of moving. If The Customer requires to keep the equipment for a longer period of time there is an option to rent or buy it.

Notice: To get more information about additional packing supplies prices and equipment rental rates please visit https://uralsmoving.com/moving-equipment/


Lien Acknowledgement By The Customer

The Company has a lien on any and all of the goods and chattels in his possession and may retain such goods until such time as all of the charges are paid to The Company.

Those charges include transportation fee, labour hourly fee, extra travel time fee, junk removal fee, oversized or overweight items moving fee, additional packing supplies charge, supplies delivery fee, waiting time, paid parking and parking tickets, unloading time into storage, reloading from storage, the storage cost themselves and any and all charges occasioned with the moving services without limiting the generality of the foregoing.

The Customer shall make available to The Company staff reserved service elevator and loading dock/reserved parking spot for the purpose of loading and unloading the goods of The Customer.

In the event that a loading dock/reserved parking spot is unavailable The Company may use the street at the sole and exclusive risk of The Customer. The Customer is liable to indemnify The Company for paid parking and parking tickets.


The Company Specific Liability Exemptions

The amount of any loss or damage for The Company may be liable shall not exceed $0.60 (60 cents) per pound per article computed on the total estimated weight of moving or storage cargo (ex. if damage or loss occurs to an item estimated weight 20lb the liability coverage would be $0.60 x 20lb = $12.00).

The Company shall have the right to inspect alleged damaged articles.

Notice: The Customer may use homeowners insurance or use a third party insurance company to get the desired level of insurance coverage.

The Company shall be limited in its liability and shall not be responsible for the following unplanned happenings namely:

  1. Loss or damage to articles that are not packed or unpacked by The Company staff.
  2. Loss or damage to articles or property damage when The Customer verbally or in writing refused to wrap articles in fabric moving blankets in accordance with The Company requirements.
  3. Drench, soiling or damaging mattresses when The Customer verbally or in writing refused to pack the mattresses in mattress bags in accordance with The Company requirements.
  4. The electrical and/or mechanical function of software, CD/DVDs, pianos, computers, radios, stereos, TVs, clocks, refrigerators, washers and dryers or other tools, equipment, musical instruments or appliances whether or not The Company employees pack them.
  5. Deterioration or damage to perishable food, plants or animals.
  6. Damage of the loss of a complete set of a unit when only part of such set is damaged or lost in which event The Company shall only be liable for the repair or recovering of the lost or damaged piece or pieces.
  7. Any “assemble yourself furniture” or otherwise held together with tied joints fasteners. Furniture design of a unique or fragile design such as glass on glass, glass on metal, glass legs, etc.
  8. Any damage done by any liquid or powder the property of which is owned by The Customer, joints of mechanical connection devices: any previously repaired defect, any material or fabric that is weak due to wear of age, any finish still wet or soft, soft tile flooring, anything packed in or with common plastic bags.
  9. The Company is not responsible for the contents of drawers, containers or other items of a similar nature.
  10. The Company is not responsible for damage or breakage to items made of pressed wood. The Company will not disassemble any pressed wood items to be shipped unless it is at the risk of The Customer only. The Company will not accept any claims for any damages to any pressed wood item, whether it is the entire piece of pressed wood furniture or any part of it.
  11. The Company is not liable for any damage that may occur to lawns as a result of respecting The Customer’s request of backing the truck off the roadway into driveways and not or across lawns.
  12. The Company is not liable for any damage that may occur to the driveway heating/snow melting system as a result of The Company saff unawareness or respecting The Customer’s request of parking the truck off the roadway into the driveway. The Customer is responsible to disclose in advance if the driveway is equipped with heating/snow melting or any similar systems.
  13. The Company is not responsible for any oil or fuel stains on the driveway, loading dock or parking spot.
  14. The Company shall not be liable for goods or property damage in case the item is oversized and/or overweight and dangerous for movement.
  15. The Company shall not be liable for any delays or a job cancellation with deposit retention: mechanical breakdowns, road or weather conditions, strikes, state of emergency, lockdowns, quarantine, delay due to traffic, lack of lightning, fire alarms, slippery or obstructive facilities or walkways, slippage of liquids, difficult situations due to oversize furniture in relation to undersize facilities, the act of default of the customer or third parties and other reasons are beyond The Company control.
  16. The Company shall not be liable in the event of any items become missing through mysterious disappearance or otherwise.



The Customer may not be in the truck, on the ramp or lift gate during all work processes and at the end of it.

The Customer is not allowed to use The Company tools and equipment. In the event of using The Company tools and equipment The Customer is responsible at the sole and exclusive risk of furniture and property damage or injury of The Customer or other people and liable to indemnify The Company for tools and equipment loss or damage. The Company staff cannot take any passengers in the cabin or the back of the truck during all work processes and at the end of it.

The Company staff is not allowed to deal with any electrical wires, hydro or gas pipes.

The Company staff are not allowed to drill walls, floor or seal, hang pictures, curtains and TV’s on the wall, reassemble GYM equipment and cribs.

The Customer is responsible for any parasitic insects (ex. bed bugs, cockroaches) encountered within the premises of the origin, destination and/or additional locations. The Customer will be responsible for reimbursing The Company for costs incurred due to cleaning, sanitizing and delousing vehicles and/or replacing affected equipment.

The Customer is responsible to disclose in advance if any conditions can be unsafe for the life and health of The Company staff (ex. a location is under construction, slippery or weak floor or staircases, bare wires).

Due to the safety reasons The Company staff is required to have the shoes on during the whole period of time while on the job site.

The Company does not accept any of the things listed below for moving:

  1. Dangerous goods for moving: explosives (ex. any motorized equipment, gas tanks), toxic, radioactive, corrosive, etc.
  2. Any jewelers, cash money, securities or other valuable items
  3. Any kind of weapons or parts of it.
  4. Any perishable food, live plants or animals.
  5. Any perishable food, live plants or animals.

The Company reserves the right to cancel the reservation with deposit retention, if the conditions of any of the locations are unhygienic or dangerous to the life and health of The Company staff.