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Urals Moving Company is rapidly becoming one of the leading moving companies in Toronto and the GTA. What sets us apart? Our approach, our team and our attitude to work. What else? We mastered how to prepare your house for a move and how to pack. We know that using the quality packing materials, right tools, excellent movers all are essential parts of the process.


Before we move your belongings our team will review your items and develop a customized plan to how they will pack and then move the items; what materials and tools are needed and how each item should be prepared. They will disassemble the furniture and wrap it all in the moving blankets. Then each item is wrapped in a shrink wrap for better protection.

Fragile items

All fragile items are wrapped in bubble wrap and then carefully packed into moving boxes. Each box is labeled so there is no confusion what is inside the box once you unpack it in your new place.

Closet/ Wardrobe

We provide wardrobe boxes so you can conveniently move your closet without rearranging your clothes.

Floors/ Stairs

Our team will make sure the floors are covered with rubber mats to avoid any scratches or damage to your floors. We also cover stairs railing with the special sleeves to ensure there are no marks left on your furniture.

Furniture assembling/ unpacking

Our team can help you unpack th boxes at the delivery address and assemble the furniture in your new place. We then can help move the furniture items around the house. Before we finish the job and leave your place we will make sure there is no other help you are expecting from us.

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