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Partners by best companies in Toronto & GTA

Furniture & kitchen delivery partner in Toronto and GTA

Urals Moving excels in delivery of furniture, kitchen cabinetry and equipment for local partners on continuous basis. Our expert delivery crew deliver all types of furniture and kitchen equipment, making shipments securely and expeditiously – even for time-critical requirements. Our specialized equipment along with well trained professionals handle sensitive, high-value shipments in timely manner with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Our goal as a Toronto delivery & moving company is to ensure that your furniture arrives at the same condition it was picked up. We utilize specialized techniques in the handling and transport of this equipment, ensuring that the items are secure and safe throughout the process. Our team along with air suspension trucks ensure the smooth loading, transport and unloading of these items.

Long term partnership as a sign of quality and client trust

Our team has been working with our clients for years, maintaining relationships as most trusted delivery partner in Toronto and GTA. We developed long term relationship with our partners by handling each delivery with tremendous care, while also focusing on speed and efficiency, preventing any damage.

By extensive training  of our moving crews with developing  a deep sense of responsibility and meticulous attention to detail, following protocol and client requirements. We will always go the extra mile to avoid damages, whenever it seems appropriate. There is never a need for our moving experts to rush a job for the purpose of getting to the next one.

Get in touch with us today whether you are looking for short or long term partnership in delivering your furniture stock or kitchen cabinetry & equipment.

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